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What is Twangville?

Twangville began in early 2005 by humble means as a place to post playlists for our friends. It wasn't long before we expanded to covering releases, reviews, downloads, links and more. Ultimately, we just want to help spread the word about some of our favorite musicians who often don't get the credit they deserve. In search of twang, we typically look beyond traditional and mainstream country into genres like americana, alt-country, indie, rock, folk and blues ... or just about anything that features a guitar. You'll find that we tend to emphasize the alternative side of alt-country.

Who are we?

Tom Osborne, Washington, DC Contributor since Jan 2005 Bio | Posts | RSS Mayer Danzig, Boston, MA Contributor since Sep 2005 Bio | Posts | RSS Todd Mathis, Cayce, SC Contributor since Mar 2007 Bio | Posts | RSS Chip Frazier, Birmingham, AL Contributor since May 2007 Bio | Posts | RSS Kelly Dearmore, The Colony, TX Contributor since Feb 2008 Bio | Posts | RSS Eli Petersen, Danbury, CT Contributor since Apr 2008 Bio | Posts | RSS Shawn Underwood, Sunnyvale, CA Contributor since Apr 2008 Bio | Posts | RSS Jeff McMahon, Boston, MA Contributor since Jan 2009 Bio | Posts | RSS Bill Wilcox, Washington, DC Contributor since Nov 2011 Bio | Posts | RSS Suzanne McMahon, Boston, MA Contributor since Nov 2011 Bio | Posts | RSS


Will you review my disc?

We do accept material for review. Learn more about our submission policy.


We will only host media files with permission from artists or their managment companies. If you find this to be in error, please contact tom [at] twangville.com.