Millie Mason/Here on Up


Simple and to the point. Millie doesn’t need 3 ½ , or hell, even 3 minutes of your time to get her message across. The most she asks for is 2:29 on the opening “In Town.” The Brooklyn singer/songwriter hails from Knoxville and obviously has a love for old time country a la Patsy Cline, […]

Dwight Yoakam CD Giveaway!!!


The kind folks over at Yoakam’s digital marketing team (Girlilla) have sent us a copy of Dwight’s latest Second Hand Heart to give away to one lucky Twangville denizen. It’s definitely a killer album. I’ve see advance clips with things such as “Best album from Dwight in years!” etc. etc., but I’m kind of the […]

Hearing Things

So I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, new and old. Here’s a rundown: The Vagaband/Medicine for the Soul – If you’ve been craving some vintage Wilco with a touch of The Felice Brothers thrown in, have I got the band for you. “Black Sheep” will have your toes tapping and singing along […]

Todd’s Best of 2014

I make lots of lists. Mostly lists of things I have to get done. It calms me to do this and makes anything seem possible if I put it on a list. It’s even more satisfying when I get to scratch something off the list.  In keeping with that, here’s my Best of 2014 list, […]

Sturgill Simpson/Metamodern Sounds in Country Music; Todd Begins Looking Back on His “Best of 2014”

I had not heard of Sturgill Simpson until attending a Gamecock baseball game this past April. It was a cold day (luckily we had box seats) and I was talking with my friend Ryan, who I had invited along. Ryan and I don’t see each other often, but we’re always emailing and exchanging CDs and […]

Twang in South Carolina

Although we twangers are located all across this great United States of America, and while Boston often gets a little more recognition on this blog thanks to the tireless efforts of Mayer, little ole’ me takes up residence in the capital city of South Carolina. Being a college town, we get our share of young […]

Water Liars

Water Liars/Water Liars When listening to new bands these days I usually don’t do much “research” on the artist in fear that I’ll find something about them that pisses me off.  Like they used to cover John Mayer or something…  No seriously, sometimes I just like to be introduced to an artist through their music.  […]

Todd’s Tops of 2013

A little more rockier than most twangers, but here’s what’s been lighting up my ears for the past year.  Happy New Year! 1. Jason Isbell – Southeastern – Just damn fine songwriting with minimal production shows a sober, reflecting Isbell at his best. 2. BRMC- Specter at the Feast – This band keeps getting better […]