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Location: Cayce, SC
E-Mail: todd [at] twangville.com

I’m a guy that works at a law firm, enjoys laughing and I generally like people.  Unless you can’t drive very well, then we have a problem.  I’m very passionate about music.  I’ve played in bands for the past 10 years or so with varying success.  One was even signed by a big corporate label!  But that’s another book…   I also founded and was the editor of an on-line and print music/political zine in Columbia, SC for 3 years but gave that up in 2006 because I had too many “projects” going on.  I’m always looking for new “projects” and twangville is a darn good one. 

Most of my posts here on twangville are focused on albums/artists that I enjoy.  If you send me a CD and I don’t review it, chances are I’m either backlogged with submissions, or it wasn’t my cup of tea.  Its usually best to shoot me an email before sending anything and give me a myspace link or something so I can check out the music to see if I’d like to possibly review it.  And if I don’t review it?  Does that mean it sucks?  Nope, it just means that one fellow living in South Carolina doesn’t like it…or one of my two dogs ate it. 

Some of my All-Time Favorite Artists:  Oasis, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakam, Lucero, Steve Earle, Damien Jurardo, Whiskeytown, Pete Yorn, Blur

More Recently Listening To:  Swingset, Todd Snider, Slow Runner

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