Best of 2013 – Chip


Here is my Top Ten for 2013: Feel free to cast stones and insults if you disagree. 1. Patty Griffin American Kid The combination of Griffin’s vocal elegance along with Luther and Cody Dickinson’s backup, made this album stand above all others. The ethereal duet with Robert Plant was also a high impact song. 2. […] more »


The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash – New Old Story

Bastard Sons

With the increasing popularity of the various genres of music loosely grouped under the label “Americana”, there has been a proportionate increase in the number of Honky-Tonk and traditional Country bands. The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash are best described by the former. Although Honk-Tonk music is on the rise, the true Country bar is […] more »


The Howlin’ Brothers – The Sun Studio Session


The Howlin’ Brothers are a three piece acoustic band. I hesitate to call them a “String” band, because they don’t fit the stereotype. While they do play traditional music, their version has many facets. Beyond traditional and Bluegrass, they also employee Blues, Country and you may even hear a little Bourbon Street. Their music can […] more »


Guy Clark – My Favorite Picture of You

guy clark

Guy Clark has been one of the most revered songwriters for over forty years. Over the span of his career he has created a body of work using stories, vignettes, characters, and places in time; to create songs that personify the lens through which he observes the world. Many artists write songs with distinct lyrics, […] more »


Drive By Truckers – Live at Track 29 in Chattanooga, TN

Drive By Truckers Live

I woke up June 28th and all the signs were there. My ears were ringing. My voice was gone, and my head hurt. It wasn’t the flu. I had been to see the Drive-By Truckers the night before. Track 29 is a converted skating rink behind the ubiquitous Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel. When the Truckers took […] more »


Stephen Kellogg – Blunderstone Rookery


Stephen Kellogg’s new album “Blunderstone Rookery” is being released at turning point in his career and life. Within the last year he has lost his Grandmother and Mother-in-law. In addition, his band (Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers) has decided to take a break. It is fitting that the album takes its name from a character […] more »


Randall Bramblett – The Bright Spots

Randall Bramblett is generally known as much for his associations as he is for his own body of work. That is largely due to the innate talent that made him a coveted session and touring musician, who primarily wrote and created for others. While he released a couple of solo records in the 70’s, it […] more »


Patty Griffin – American Kid

It is hard to describe songs that leave you speechless. The breathtaking tracks on “American Kid” mesmerize from beginning to end. This is Patty Griffin’s first album of original material in six years. Since then she has recorded an album of Gospel songs and hymns, “Downtown Church”, and toured with Robert Plant’s Band of Joy. […] more »


Shooter Jennings – The Other Life


The new Shooter Jennings album ”The Other Life” is a conversation starter. Specifically it is a catalyst for two related reflections. The first is family. The second is the current state of the Country Music industry. With Nashville as a hub, these two conversations create a coherent theme. With respect to family, we see Jennings […] more »


The Stone Foxes – Small Fires

stone foxes

What is it in the current music industry that allows undeserving bands to become icons? Why is it that so many other bands that deserve to be icons do not get the notoriety they deserve? Why aren’t the Stone Foxes playing in large arenas in front of Lighter flames and screaming fans? They should be! […] more »


Wayne Hancock – Ride


“Ride”, the new release from Wayne Hancock, exhibits a little less of his customary Juke Joint Jive. Hank Williams style lonesome Blues is more prevalent on the album. However, Hancock still knows how to swing. Since we last heard him on 2009′s “Viper of Melody”, Hancock has gone through a divorce and sobered up. In […] more »


Bill Mallonee – Amber Waves

Bill Mallonee’s 50th release (that is not a typo by the way) is one of his most impassioned. I realize that is a bold statement when the referenced artist has such a large body of work. The lyrics on “Amber Waves” are full of pain and loss. However, there is an underlying hope in these […] more »


Bill Mallonee – Live House Concert

To say that Bill Mallonee is prolific in his songwriting is an understatement. Between traditional releases and online releases, he has recorded 50 albums. Based in Athens, he came on the scene in the late 80’s as the front man for the Vigilantes of Love, but has primarily been a solo-act for the better part […] more »


Best of 2012 – Chip’s Picks

As it seems to be the case every year, there was way too much good music produced in 2012. I try hard to keep up with new releases, but it is often at the expense of time that would otherwise be spent on my favorites. However, for the purpose of  ”cussing and discussing” here is my […] more »


Buddy and Jim


It is a collaboration that has been a long time coming. In fact, it is so natural that it is hard to believe this is their first album together, especially since they are old friends who have run in the same musical circles for decades. “Buddy and Jim” is a very straightforward album. Lauderdale has […] more »


Matthew Ryan benefit for John Anderson