Eli’s Favorite Records of 2013

2013 was a pretty crazy year for me. Personally, professionally, and music listening habit-wise, it was all over the map. At different points during the year, I obsessed over the back catalogs of The Clash, Emmylou Harris (again), Tom Waits, Kevin Gordon, Superchunk (again), Kanye West (weirdly), Paul Westerberg solo records (again), and finally The Bottle Rockets. […] more »


Todd Mathis- Don’t Tread On Me….The Whiskey Tango Revue Sessions


“sing a song for six-pence, wonder what that’d buy/ it probably wouldn’t get you far, since the market took a dive/ mmm, mmm” As we head into this labor day weekend of cook-outs, fantasy football drafts, and the far more important beginning of college football season (Go Cocks!), we here at Twangville wanted to highlight […] more »


Thursday Morning Video- Aoife O’Donovan “Red & White & Blue & Gold”

Ok folks, I got behind the 8 ball a bit on finishing up the full review of the new Aoife O’Donovan (Crooked Still) record. It’s called Fossils and it’s really good. I’ll post a full review sometime in the very near future. In the meantime, here is my favorite song from the record: more »


Ducktape Saves Lives- Frank Turner’s Recovery


Another entry in our recurring feature, Ducktape Saves Lives demolishes the normal review protocol in favor of cheap jokes, extended digressions, and an occasional interesting thought or two. Inspired by long back and forth emails between myself, fellow Twangviller Todd Mathis, and my twin brother Kyle Petersen, Ductape Saves Lives is intend for ‘big’(ger) records […] more »


Twangville Presents …. Sarah Borges


On her last record with longtime backing band the Broken Singles, Sarah Borges recorded covers ranging from X to Smokey Robinson to the Lemonheads. As incongruous as it may look written down, Borges has made it sound damn near perfect over the first decade of her music career. Wowing audiences across the country and recording […] more »


Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell- Old Yellow Moon


“We’ve both grown tired/ Of running from each other/ Here we are/ Darling, here we are”- Rodney Crowell Old Yellow Moon feels lived in. The record feels instantly comfortable, like an old pair of shoes that align perfectly with the arches of your feet. Harris and Crowell’s musical partnership dates back a quarter of century […] more »


George Glenn Jones (1931-2013)


“I would give anything if I could sing like George Jones. If we could all sound like we wanted to, we’d sound like George Jones.” -Waylon Jennings Growing up in flyover country in the 70′s George Jones represented what I hated so much about country music, particularly with his wife at the time, Tammy Wynette. […] more »


Deadstring Brothers- Cannery Row


Look. It only took me eleven words to drop in my Exile On Main Street reference. Sorry Kurt Marschke, you ain’t never out running that one. The Deadstring Brothers front man and sole surviving member has had his music compared to the golden era of the glimmer twins for so long he probably thinks “Moves […] more »


Caitlin Rose- The Stand-In


Writing this review is difficult for me, and not because my feelings about the album are ambiguous. I almost uniformly adore the record. The difficulty arises in attempting to write about the record. Because, despite my adoration of The Stand-In, I can’t really put my finger on the reason why. Every thought comes across as […] more »


Friday Morning Video: Holly Williams

This was suppose to be an elegant review of the excellent new album from Caitlin Rose. Unfortunately, one of the Twangville posse (me) fell down on the job. So instead you get a video from the artist who caused me to lose all sense of time and place this week. Meet Holly Williams.     more »


Duck Tape Saves Lives: Old 97′s- Too Far to Care [15th Anniversary Edition]

too far to care

Here is another entry in the recurring feature that demolishes the normal review protocol in favor of cheap jokes, extended digressions, and an occasional interesting thought or two. Duck Tape Saves Lives is inspired by long back and forth emails between myself, fellow Twangviller Todd Mathis, and my twin brother Kyle Petersen. We only intend […] more »


Frank Turner- Last Minutes and Lost Evenings


“because there’s no such thing as rock stars/ there’s just people who play music/ and some of them are just like us/ and some of them are dicks”- Frank Turner   Just who is Frank Turner? This is the question that confronts the audience on a retrospective like Last Minutes and Lost Evenings. As applied […] more »


Eli’s Favorite Records of 2012

the lumineers

1. Langhorne Slim- The Way We Move The #1 record of the year is traditionally an easy pick for me to make. This year was no exception. The Way We Move is Langhorne Slim’s definitive statement. The band rollicks from stumbling soul music to acoustic folk rock anthems and finally captures the insane energy of […] more »


Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit- Live In Alabama


By: Chip Frazier OK. I am not afraid to admit that I get emotional. I cry like a girl in movies. (I apologize for any politically incorrect sexism. None was intended.) Music can have the same effect on me. Jason Isbell is one of the few musicians who has stopped me in my tracks and […] more »


Duct Tape Saves Lives: Thoughts and Opinions From 3 Southerners On Jason Isbell’s Live In Alabama


Ok Twangville readers, here is another entry in our recurring feature that switches up the normal review protocol. Inspired by frequent long email chains over the years between myself, fellow Twangviller Todd Mathis, and my twin brother Kyle Petersen, Duct Tape Saves Live is more of a critical conversation than a formal review. Though to […] more »


Matthew Ryan benefit for John Anderson