DBT Slays Boston


50 years old. At that age, you’d think that most people would be settling into their career. Yet Patterson Hood still seems like he’s got lots new to say. He and Mike Cooley may be a little bit older, but they’ve definitely still got a hard-edged guitar attack and a heck of a lot of […] more »


Nickel Creek – A Dotted Line


Nine year itch? Well nine years can’t come fast enough. Nickel Creek albums have instrumental brilliance throughout, folky, experimental, bluegrass, and true band dynamics. The albums can be uneven at times, but such sheer brilliance shines through each album. So I thought that a reunion album would be the diet coke of Nickel Creek. Strangely, […] more »


The Grass is Always Bluer – The Seldom Scene


At twangville, we love our rootsy music but thus far we haven’t given one of the most distinct strains of country its due. And that will change today. I’ve had my own personal bluegrass renaissance and at the hands of the skilled pickers of the  Seldom Scene. The band has made a habit of bringing […] more »


Girls Guns and Glory


If you were to waltz into a Girls, Guns, and Glory show in Boston, you might think you were dreaming. Ward Hayden on stage seems like he walked out of a honky tonk. He wears the hat, has the mannerisms, hell he even smiles like a classic country singer. Small town Franklin MA and their […] more »


David Wax Museum at the Sinclair


When one thing ends, another begins. Suz Slezak had her baby 6 weeks ago and suddenly she was back on tour in the limelight. She talked about how relaxing her life as a pregnant woman was compared to hotel rooms and tour buses. I suppose that coming back to Boston (where they started and Wax […] more »


Celebrate the Best Shows of 2013

I’ve been pretty active on the concert front this year. From small shows to medium shows, I’ve seen lots of great and underappreciated acts as well as established acts hitting their stride. Some surprisingly good and others expected to be good. Definitely feel lucky to have enjoyed so much quality live and twangy music this […] more »


Throwback Tuesday: The Bottle Rockets


Jeff McMahon (Original Album) Brian Henneman has really been all over the place in the alt-country world. He’s worked with Uncle Tupelo and they have worked with him. He played lead guitar on Wilco’s debut A.M. (definitely the most out and out country album of theirs). But from the first note of his songs, he […] more »


Travis & Boston: Reunited and it Feels so Good!


When you see an old friend, even if you know they’ve changed, there’s always a hope that things will come back to the way they were. That’s why you can’t help but check in on them, or these days, see their facebook page. I was worried about seeing Travis since their recent albums weren’t nearly […] more »




Pawtucket, RI. Truth be told, I’d never been. But Providence’s Americana breakthrough artist Deer Tick was throwing a party and I figured I would have to stop by. When the 20 somethings of Toy Soldiers, an up-and-coming band from Philly, walked on stage I immediately thought of a poor mans Panic at the Disco! But […] more »


Eilen Jewell and Sarah Borges Slow It Down at TCAN


I tend to enjoy my Americana music particularly in its organic form. Nothing beats acoustic guitars, fiddles and even a rollicking electric guitar. Eilen Jewell splits her records between more traditional country-folk and a stylized lounge sound. The lounge sound includes smoky guitars and even a clarinet. While her voice is certainly suited for this […] more »


Isbell, Shires & Fletcher at the Sinclair


Even after leaving the Drive-by Truckers, Jason Isbell has continued to wow and amaze.  His literary songs and rockin’ guitar licks accentuate catchy and heartbreaking melodies. I saw Isbell and Shires a year ago in Hartford in an acoustic setting. It fit so perfectly in the at the Wadsworth Atheneum Art Gallery that I wasn’t […] more »


Slaid Cleaves Reinvents the Rocking Coffeehouse


Though “Club Passim” in Cambridge has a generally laidback vibe, it took the homey comfort of a prodigal son to turn it into a what a coffeehouse should be. Slaid Claves played his highly literate tunes in front of capacity crowd of about 100. Square tables, appetizers and friendly stories made Cleaves’ feel like a […] more »


Twangville Music Fest – Night 2

After the more familiar performances from night one, I was all the more excited to see three new-to-me acts. And given the intimate Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, I knew I was in for an up close opportunity to see each of the performers. The three acts managed to feature distinct shades of Americana music today: […] more »


Slaid Cleaves – Still Fightin’ the War


After 12 years of war, it feels like we’re all “Still Fightin’ the War.” I used to think that political albums and their agendas are a hindrance, that the best music should be about the music. But Cleaves uses the war as a cohesive vehicle to tell the story of America. The lost jobs, the […] more »


Kevin Gordon on the way to Gloryland


After ten years in the business, Kevin Gordon has had time to hone his craft. Each of his four records shows his attention to detail and background in writing. He graduated from the elite Iowa Writer’s Workshop in poetry. His songs are highly literature and story centered. At times they devolve into straight up stories. […] more »


Matthew Ryan benefit for John Anderson