Monday Morning Video: Matthew Ryan “The World Is”

I generally focus on live performance videos for our Monday Morning Video series however I’m going to make an exception this week. Longtime Twangville fave Matthew Ryan will be releasing a new album on October 14th. We’re beyond excited for it but, not surprisingly, the anticipation has sent us back into his archives.

“The World Is,” from 2009’s Dear Lover is a stunner.

‘Cause the world
Is held together
With lies and promises
And broken hearts
And brand new days
For you to start
All over again

Ryan has already previewed a couple of songs from the album, to be titled Boxers. These include the outstanding “An Anthem for the Broken,” which was released earlier this year to raise funds for Twangville friend John Anderson in his battle with ALS (learn more). If these are any indication, then the new album is quite the electric affair.

So while we wait for Boxers, enjoy this exquisite ballad. And get ready to be jarred awake by the guitar-driven fury of Ryan’s forthcoming release.

Monday Morning Video: Scruffy the Cat

Once upon a time there was a band called Scruffy the Cat. I have no idea where the name came from but it somehow fit the boisterous group from Boston. They rocked, rattled and rolled their way across the US for many a year, making a hearty racket wherever they went.

They played the label game and released a couple of albums but never quite found the notoriety that their music deserved. ‘tis a real shame as primary singer-songwriter Charlie Chesterman had a knack for writing infectious roots-based hooks that the band then raved up with reckless abandon.

The band’s legacy is being honored with not one, but two exciting releases in the coming weeks. Time Never Forgets: The Anthology (’86-’88) a 38-track collection of the band’s mid-1980’s recorded output is being released tomorrow.

Then, on Sept 16th, we’ll get The Good Goodbye: Unreleased Recordings 1984-1990. This collection includes 23 tracks culled from throughout the band’s time together.

In keeping with this double release, here is a video with a double dose of the band doing their thing back in the day. If this doesn’t get your foot a tappin’, if not a stompin’, then I don’t know what will.