Town Rules

Helpful hints for our contributors to keep the community safe and harmonized.

  • Seek permission from artists, songwriters, record labels or promoters before posting MP3s or Podcasts.
  • Link out to files or host them elsewhere.
  • Remember to give credit to sources.
  • Don’t embed any protected music. If unsure, you can double check here or here.
  • Keep it music related. Though books, movies and other forms of related entertainment will work.
  • Keep it Alt-Country, Americana, Indie, Rock, Folk & Blues or anything that remotely fits in these categories.
  • You are welcome to post the same story both to Twangville and to your own blog. All we ask is that you cross-promote them with a link back.
  • Be cool, don’t be a bonehead. Abusers will be banished.