Old Settler’s Music Fest – 2014 Edition


Every spring, a couple of weeks after the madhouse of SXSW, the music festival season kicks off with Old Settler’s Music Festival, about a half hour outside of Austin.  Started as a bluegrass festival, Old Settler’s now embraces a broad spectrum of Americana.  Organizer Jean Spivey has a magic touch for consistently mixing old with […] more »


Trevor Alguire – Miles Away


Staring out the window, it’s only the middle of the afternoon and yet darkness has started creeping in.  A cold wind howls out of the north and  the trees seem to be wrapping their branches around themselves in a futile attempt to stay warm.  Even the good things going through your mind seem to have […] more »


Levi Lowrey – Levi Lowrey

Lowrey cover

My favorite album of last year was Jason Isbell’s Southeastern.  It was an exploration of a man’s demons, some of them intense enough to sometimes weigh in on my decision whether to hit play or go for something a little lighter on the mind.  Levi Lowrey, with his second, self-titled, album, has also chosen to […] more »


Photos that ROCK! Best of 2013!

Photos that ROCK! Best of 2013! I am INSANELY lucky that I get to listen to amazing music AND take pictures- 2 of my favorite things. Here are some of my favorite shots from various venues around Boston in 2013. What a year! Tom McBride @ Lizard Lounge, March 2013 Josh Ritter & The Royal […] more »


The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash – New Old Story

Bastard Sons

With the increasing popularity of the various genres of music loosely grouped under the label “Americana”, there has been a proportionate increase in the number of Honky-Tonk and traditional Country bands. The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash are best described by the former. Although Honk-Tonk music is on the rise, the true Country bar is […] more »


Three Recent Gems

Sometimes records find their way to my inbox that I really enjoy, but for some reason I don’t get a review written up.  It could be  they’re an EP and short of material for a full review.  Or they showed up at the same time as a bunch of other good material.  Occasionally it’s the […] more »




Pawtucket, RI. Truth be told, I’d never been. But Providence’s Americana breakthrough artist Deer Tick was throwing a party and I figured I would have to stop by. When the 20 somethings of Toy Soldiers, an up-and-coming band from Philly, walked on stage I immediately thought of a poor mans Panic at the Disco! But […] more »


The Wood Brothers – The Muse

Wood Bros cover

The first words you hear on The Muse, the latest release from The Wood Brothers, are, “wastin’ my mind on you.”  That lyrical slap in the face sets the stage for the next 45 minutes.  You can listen to this album and appreciate the pretty face and swagger as it walks down the street.  But […] more »


Isbell, Shires & Fletcher at the Sinclair


Even after leaving the Drive-by Truckers, Jason Isbell has continued to wow and amaze.  His literary songs and rockin’ guitar licks accentuate catchy and heartbreaking melodies. I saw Isbell and Shires a year ago in Hartford in an acoustic setting. It fit so perfectly in the at the Wadsworth Atheneum Art Gallery that I wasn’t […] more »


I See Hawks In L.A. – Mystery Drug


The bright orange celestial flame that starts out in Santa Monica, so clear and defining of Southern California, becomes a dull rust, glaring off the mix of smog and sooty bumpers by the time you get to San Bernardino.  While the lucky few stroll with the kids and dog through the manicured streets of Pali, […] more »


Twangville Music Fest! Night 1

Session Americana

A couple of weekends ago 7 of our 9 contributors from this little site we call Twangville met in Boston for the second showcase we’ve put together boasting the Twangville moniker.  And when I say “we” put it together, I’m really just saying “Mayer” put together.  I volunteered to post a few words about Friday […] more »


Twangville Festival Artist – Joe Fletcher

Joe Fletcher (photo by Jesse Golding)

As announced yesterday, Twangville’s posse is gathering in Boston on the 28th and 29th of June to celebrate the fact we all still get along, and to listen to some awesome live music.  Think of it sort of like a family reunion, except there’s more fun than dysfunction.  We’re taking over the Lizard Lounge for […] more »


Eastbound Jesus – Northern Rock

EBJ cover

Click, whirrr.  Click, whirrr.  Like some aural Polaroid the recently released third album from upstate New York band Eastbound Jesus spits out snapshots of life in northern rural America that quickly take on the patina of nostalgia even when they’re new.  Northern Rock is as much about stories set to music as it is songwriting. […] more »


3 EP Gems; Wicked Saints, Western Youth, Shawn Nelson


 Shawn Nelson and The Good Buds – Enough Back in 2011 I reviewed San Juan Street from Shawn Nelson and was enamored of the protagonist perspective in many of his songs along with the variety of musical influences.  So I was happy to see he has an EP out with his band, now known as […] more »


Shinyribs – Gulf Coast Museum

Shinyribs cover

Kevin Russell is an enigma.  As lead singer and songwriter for The Gourds, he led one of the biggest party bands in Texas history.  Just try to find someone in central Texas who doesn’t know the words to Gin & Juice (written by Snoop Dogg: a good example of why you shouldn’t get locked into […] more »


Matthew Ryan benefit for John Anderson