Win (Really) Big: Paul Kelly Box Set

If ever there was a Twangville give-away that I would want to win, this would be it. Several years ago Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly began playing multi-night shows during which he performed songs from his catalog in alphabetical order.

The shows begat plans for a box set; the planned box set begat a book. Although both have already been released in his native Australia, they are now getting a proper US release.

How impressive is the box set? Well, let’s start with how remarkable Kelly’s catalog is. With a career that has spanned nearly 40 years, it is a catalog of unparalleled depth filled with songs of emotional purity and musical allure.

The A-Z Recordings is comprised of eight cds that encompass 105 songs from throughout his career. Most of the performances are acoustic, shining a bright light on the brilliance of Kelly’s songs.

In celebration of this release and Kelly’s upcoming US tour, Twangville is giving away a copy of the A to Z Recordings. To win, post a comment with your favorite singer-songwriter. How simple is that? A winner will be selected at random when the contest ends on Tuesday, 14 February 2012 at midnight ET.**

Kelly talked about The A-Z Recordings at a TED Conference in Sydney last year. His remarks include the details behind “How To Make Gravy,” his Christmas song that “doesn’t have a chorus and is set in prison.” Brilliant.

Click here, here and here for more Twangville coverage of Paul Kelly.

**By participating in Twangville contests you agree to allow Twangville to post the winner’s name and city on our web site. We pass along the winning addresses to the record company for fulfillment. Twangville will not use your address for any other reason. Contest open to US and Canadian residents.

About the author:  Mild-mannered corporate executive by day, excitable Twangville denizen by night.

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  • Ozzybeef

    Count me in for this.   Hard to pick but all time favorite is prolly Townes Van Zandt

  • Bma1

    I would say Steve Earle….. but Paul Kelly is fav male australian

  • Texas Redd

    Butch Hancock is my favorite singer songwriter

  • Jack Ripple

    I remain one of Paul Kelly’s biggest fans in the US – so excited for this tour.  My long-time favorite singer/songwriter is Ian Hunter.  Cheers!

  • davegua

    Hard to pick just one, Matthew Ryan, Jeffrey Foucault, etc. but I’ll go with Martin Zellar

  • Andrea Dyche

    I’m having a really hard time with this question, but today I’m going to go with Ani Difranco.  I may have a completely different answer tomorrow.

  • Randall Paske

    I’ll say Ray Davies.

  • Howard

    My vote is split between Todd Snider and Paul Thorn. I couldn’t decide, does my vote still count?

  • Paul Theroux

    I’m torn between Steve Earle and Townes Van Zandt… so I think I’ll go Justin Townes Earle

  • Pete

    Steve Earle ranks at the top of the list these days.  From Guitar Town and Copperhead Road to This City, over 30 years of amazing song writing and music.  Prolific and brilliant.

  • Jesse

    Bruce Springsteen.  

  • Michael

    My favorite lately has been Darrell Scott.

  • Dmcgough

    Steve Forbert is my number 1.  Year after year he travels thousands of miles, hither and yon. to bring his music to us all, making him to me America’s premier musical troubadour.  I happily look forward to his every new release.

  • Frank baxter

    I keep coming back to James McMurtry

  • Mike

    Favorite singer songwriter is definitely Neil Finn. Why? Because he plays a red guitar! With a Bigsby!

  • Michael

    Today my favorite is Jeff Black.

  • Michael

    And another Jeff is one of my all time favorites – Jeff Tweedy.

  • mrmmusic

    Ah, such a question but since you said singer-songwriter I’ll stick to that genre and set Neil Finn aside and choose Peter Case.

  • Michael

    Today my favorite is Ryan Adams.

  • Michael

    Tonight I’ll go with Rodney Crowell.

  • Michael

    Did anyone win that box set?

  • Mayer

    Congratulations to Dennis McGough of Syracuse NY, the winner
    of the Paul Kelly A-Z Recordings box set. 
    With special thanks to our friends at 1888 Media, we also selected five
    runners-up who will each receive a special sampler from the box set.  The runners-up were Mitchell Morrison of Bellingham
    WA,  Paul Theroux of Warwick RI, Ray
    Redding of Houston TX, Luke Harris of Crystal Lake IL and Dave Gualandri of
    Ottawa IL.