Langerado 2008 – The Quotes

It’s taken me awhile to get to posting this stuff, but I came home with over 50 pages of notes, and it took some work to get them all into a legible state.  Here are the best and the brightest, the most memorable quotes of Langerado (at least the ones that I heard).  I’ll be doing individual show reviews in the days and weeks to come, but for now, this is a good primer.  Expect full reviews of Josh Ritter, Will Hoge, The Wood Brothers, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, G. Love, Beastie Boys, and Ben Folds, and coverage of The Dynomites, Sam Bush, Les Claypool, That 1 Guy, The Wailers, 311, REM, State Radio, Gov’t. Mule, Jonah Smith, Keller Williams and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.  It’s a lot to tackle, but I figure if I could see them all in one weekend, by god, I can write about them all in a month.

“Tell everyone at Twangville I said ‘Hi and thanks’.” – Will Hoge

“Send my regards to everyone over at Twangville.” – Josh Ritter

“It’s a beautiful night in the Glades, we rode in on a fan boat because that’s how we do.” -Mike D.

“Did you just say the Glades are in the house?” – Adam Horovitz         “Yup.  I did.” – Adam Yauch

“I’m having some delicious hair for lunch today.” – Oliver Wood, about the wind blowing his hair in his face

“This is the windiest gig of our Wood Brothers career, it’s a momentous occasion.” – Chris Wood

“I need some SPF 1,000.  I’m a little pale.” – Chris Wood, in response to people asking him to stay on stage longer

“I forgot my band-aids and now I’ve broken a nail.  Most people, if they broke a nail, they’d just go home, but not me.”- Ben Folds

“I’m pretty sure there are some Floridians here, and I’m pretty sure there are some people from neighboring states here, and I’m pretty sure there are some Norwegians scattered throughout the crowd.” – Stipe

“Is that Moby?” – A guy who passed me in the crowd during REM’s set

“We hopped outta the van, got on the stage, and when this is over, we’re gonna hop back in the van and go back to Nashville, so this song is for us.” – Will Hoge, introducing the song “The Highways Home”

“We were in Ottowa yesterday and we had everything, ponchos and ski pants and at the bottom we had itty bitty little speedos.  It was great.” – Josh Ritter

“This is a song about falling in love in a missile silo.  I hope you get the chance.” – Josh Ritter introducing the song, “The Temptation of Adam”

“I’m from the generation of declining vocabulary, apparently, so I’ll just say it’s really cool to be here.” – Josh Ritter

“I wanna talk to you about two things, love and temptation…and I hope that in the remaining few hours you all get lucky.” – Josh Ritter

“My name is actually Josh Ritter, not John Ritter, like it says in the program, but I’d like to thank Landerado for everything.” – Josh Ritter

“That’s pretty hot.” – Josh Ritter, on people slow dancing at his show

“The Line is of utmost importance!” – Dan Deacon, trying to organize people into playing games during his set

“Really sassy now!” – Dan Deacon, on how to sing the line “Silence like the wind overtakes me”

“This next song I want to dedicate to my mother.” – G. Love, introducing the song “My Baby’s Got Sauce”

“Put ’em up, Langerado, I’m pullin’ up in my El Dorado.” – G. Love

“We’ve been glad to start your day off funky.” – The Dynomites

“No matter what you do, do it with soul.” – The Dynomites

“Play because I’m yelling!” – Guy in crowd after Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood, as people were yelling for an encore there was no time for

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    Not quite the same as in your handwriting in the notebook but still pretty damn cool. Loves.