Langerado and Trampled By Turtles

Hi, kids. It’s been awhile, I’ve missed this! School + work = me not writing much. However, I have managed to wrangle a long weekend to attend that most hallowed of Florida music festivals, Langerado (no offense, Fest lovers). The likes of Josh Ritter, The Avett Brothers, G. Love, The Wood Brothers, Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood, The Beastie Boys and Ben Folds all promise to make this a most memorable weekend in the ‘Glades. Expect much ranting and raving from me in the weeks to come.

On a completely unrelated note, I have to share my newest musical infatuation with you guys. I was turned onto Trampled by Turtles by a co-worker of sorts (we work in the same building, but not for the same company) and I have been hooked since day one. If you love bluegrass of any sort, and especially if you love bluegrass even though you used to be into punk music, you simply must check them out. I would recommend that anyone who falls into the latter group begin with the song ‘Codeine’. The lyrics could easily have been written by Lagwagon or Pennywise, and hearing them in a bluegrass context both floored and seduced me. I spent the next week playing them on my iPod for friends in bars, my parents, bosses, anyone who would listen, and I’ve come away with more than a few converts. Check them out on their website, or in the iTunes store.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I promise I’ll do my best to try and keep up with you guys.

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  • Tom

    Nice find. Trampled by Turtles on first listen they remind me a little of Old Crow Medicine Show.

  • Manda K

    we all know I like it… what’s with this 1% popularity crap?