9 Questions with Henry Rollins


Art by Mitch Clem

You might know Henry Rollins for any number of reasons, whether you’re a Black Flag fan, an I.F.C. movie buff, an avid political reader or someone who’s crazy about watching stand-up comedy and spoken word. Seeing as I am all of the above, it’s understandable that I was interested in interviewing him. He’s currently touring and if you are a member of any of the aforementioned groups, I would suggest you find a way to go see the man. Also, if you enjoy that What Would Henry Rollins Do? picture as much as I do, I would urge you to go to www.mitchclem.com and check out his other stuff. He does a few webcomics which I adore.

Twangville: What’s the best thing you’ve read in the past year (and for that matter, what are you reading right now)?
Henry: The best book I have read in a great while is Dark Ages America by Morris Berman. I learned a lot and it made me think. I am starting on a book called War Made Easy and wrestling with Alfred Jarry and Proust as well.

T: What’s your favorite venue you’ve performed in, and is there any particular reason why it means something to you?
H: I think the best venue in America was Club 57, otherwise known as Webster Hall. It’s in NYC and it’s such a perfect sound in that place.

T: Who’s your favorite new artist and where did you hear about them?
H: I don’t know if I have a “favorite” but I have been listening a lot to new bands like The Epsilons, Bark Bark Bark, Real Shark Fake Zombie, and others but there’s a lot of kind of new bands that I listen to a lot. Yellow Swans, Wolf Eyes, Black Dice, Mar Shi, Excepter, Deerhoof, who are not all that new but what great records they make. There’s a ton of happening bands at the moment.

T: If you could see any artist or band perform live at any point in their career, who would it be and when?
H: Hendrix 1970, Coltrane 1965.

T: Who’s your favorite author?
H: That’s hard to answer. Thomas Wolfe, Camus, Miller, Hamsun, Selby, Fitzgerald, Kapuscinski, Kharms, there are many writers who have moved me.

T: Do you prefer touring on your own or with the band?
H: Both have upsides but as far as the actual act of touring, I would rather be on my own.

T: What’s your favorite city to travel to alone?
H: NYC, Melbourne, Casa Blanca, Cairo, Washington DC, Tokyo, there are many.

T: Who’s your favorite West Wing Character (completely a question just for me)?
H: CJ!

T: If you had to choose, who would you volunteer for in the ’08 election?
H: Edwards

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  • http://www.warmadeeasythemovie.org Drew Killoy

    Check out the movie based on the book Henry’s reading.


  • http://amberwavesoftwang.blogspot.com crackersoul

    Sarah tom told me about the Mark Broussard interview. But this was a surprise how freakin’ cool is that to interview Henry Rollins.

  • mandakaryn

    you ass, you didn’t tell me you did it! when did this happen? jerkface not even telling me you talked to HENRY ROLLINS again.

  • http://www.flektor-blog.com Ron

    Henry Rollins is a profound mystery, in the best sense possible. He’s too funny to be that serious all the time, but he’s so smart you can’t help but be impressed when he pontificates (yeah, I know, I’m a HUGE gushing Rollins fanboy).

  • http://www.myspace.com/fakesharkrealzombie davidcrossman

    the band is actually called Fake Shark – Real Zombie!