The Sadies – Darker Circles

For Dark Circles (Yep Roc) the first studio album since 2007, The Sadies once again enlisted the help of Jayhawk co-leader Gary Louris to produce. And, they also employed their signature melange of tight, Bakersfield electrified country, psychedelia, and jamming surf rock.

While the Toronto foursome, led by brother Dallas and Travis Good, has racked up a considerable amount of notoriety for their high-profile collaborations with stars such as Neko Case and John Doe, these guys are always at their best when doing what they do for themselves. Each of the two opening numbers, “Another Year Again” and “Cut Corners” boast all of the traits that makes this band so great. In these two tracks, the surf-rock guitar takes on an almost western-gothic vibe that adds a lushness that is often lacking in any other country record.

Good’s voice is also a key instrument here. His rich and sometimes mournful tone suggests a longing and adds to each tunes complexity. Dependability is never a bad thing, but it isn’t overly sexy either. That said, The Sadies have become an extremely, dependably solid group that excels each time out, regardless of who is at the helm or even at the microphone.

About the author:  I likes me some wine, women and waffles, not always in that order (but usually). Chaucer is cool, but fart jokes are even better. You feel like spikin' your country with a little soul or mix in a little rock without the roll? Lemme hear from ya!!

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