The Gourds – Live at Visulite Charlotte January 22nd

Some things never change. The sun rises and sets every day, The Earth spins on its’ axis, Amy Winehouse gets wasted, Britney parties with no panties, Congress pisses away taxpayer dollars and The Gourds rock. From the first time I saw them years ago at SXSW until I saw them on January 22nd at Visulite in Charlotte they still freakin’ rock! They are older and a few miles have been put on the tour bus but a Gourds show is still about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. They started off with “Country Lovin’” from the new album Haymaker then went into “Cranky Mulatto” off of Noble Creatures. The first half of the show focused on new and recent releases. The band is a group of multi-instrumentalists and has three members that sing. Over the years they have become more electric which I think has enhanced their studio albums. Also, it has made their live shows even more eclectic, and they were already the musical definition of eclectic.

In the middle of the show local Charlotte Americana musician David Childers joined the band on stage and sang a few of his own songs. At this point the band began to play more of their older songs. It is amazing to witness them move from irreverent acoustic songs to more electric jams so seamlessly. Also, I am happy to report that Accordion player Claude Bernard pronounced Burger King’s new “Angry Whopper” a success. They opened the encore with the classic “Magnolia” and followed it up with “Kicks in the Sun” which seems to have become a new classic. Some in the crowd were a little disappointed that they didn’t play “Gin and Juice” but I can imagine they need a break from that song now and then. Ausitn Singer-Songwriter Ramsay Midwood opened the show and with a little help at various times from The Gourds played a very entertaining set.

About the author:  Chip and his family live in Charlotte, NC. You can also find him at Roll Tide!

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