Company/Dear America,

There’s a Charleston, South Carolina band that goes by the moniker Company, not to be confused with the Brooklyn band of the early 2000’s of the same name. (Or the cover band that also apparently plays in Charleston called “The Company Band.”) Unlike the folkier rock of the Brooklyn band, the Charleston collective focuses on indie pop a la fellow Charlestonian Ben Bridwell, from Band of Horses. (Or is it alt-country pop?) In fact, Company toured with the Horses that are a Band recently, and I’m guessing when they crank out the jams such as “Show Me You Really Want Me” or the title track to their latest offering, that the fans of BOH are digging it.

The album is awash with electric guitars and the dreamy, often lazy, vocals of songwriter Brian Hannon. The masterpiece of this ten song collection is “Opening Night” which has a melody that sticks in your head like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth and easily sounds like it could be played on modern rock radio, if there even is such a thing anymore. Give it a listen and you’ll spend the rest of your day walking around the office humming and singing, “It was opening night/There were angles calling down to you” and then questioning, “Is that what he said?” immediately not caring and going back to singing. Good stuff.

RIYL: marshmallows, sunshine, IPAs

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