Monday Morning Video – Smith & Weeden’s “Sunshine”

There’s a certain irony in selecting this song as this week’s Monday Morning Video. The video grabbed my attention with it’s stunning harmonies and Seamus Weeden’s glorious guitar solo. I didn’t recognize the song from their album, though, so went back to check my notes. Sure enough, it’s there but it somehow failed to capture […]

Watkins Family Hour

watkins family

The Watkins Family Hour is a loose collective of artists assembled by Sara and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek. What started as a jam session among friends years ago has blossomed into a Country album that would make Lefty Frizell proud. Twelve years ago the Watkins gathered some friends together to Jam at Largo, a […]

Tweed River Talk – A Few Words with Bow Thayer

It is fitting that we launch our interview series with Bow Thayer, Vermont native and a co-founder of the Tweed River Music Festival. Thayer got his start in the Boston-based rock/reggae band 7 League Boots in the early 1990’s. He subsequently moved to Vermont and began an extended exploration of Americana and blues. Thayer’s most […]

The Tweed River Music Festival

The Tweed River Music Festival was born back in 2009 when a group of friends decided to have a bbq in Northern VT. Fast forward six years and the festival is gearing up for another joyous weekend of music and friendship. Think about that a minute. In an era overrun with mammoth corporate-driven hyper-events, here’s […]

Readers’ Pick: All Your Favorite Bands by Dawes

Dawes, All Your Favorite Bands - cover art

DAWES, All Your Favorite Bands beats out THE KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS AND JOHNNIE JOHNSON, Meet Me In Bluesland by 6 votes as your favorite for the week of June 2, 2015. Poll Results     Readers’ Top 25 – Spring 2015 THE SIDESHOW TRAGEDY, Capital (50) RAY WYLIE HUBBARD, Ruffian’s Misfortune (22) DWIGHT YOAKAM, Second Hand […]

Monday Morning Video – A Premiere from Ryan Montbleau

When Ryan Montbleau and his ace band entered the studio in 2013, they knew that their decade-long road warrior days were winding down. They channeled that energy, no doubt stretching from sorrow to euphoria, into Growing Light, his ninth release. Recorded in New Orleans with Galactic’s Ben Ellman, the album soaks up that city’s character […]

Victor Wainwright & the WildRoots – Boom Town

Victor Wainwright is relatively new on the national music scene, but his swampy honky tonk piano licks are having an impact in both his solo career and as a member of roots rock, blues and funk “supergroup” Southern Hospitality. Wainwright, who grew up in a musical family in Savannah, Georgia, moved to Daytona Beach, Florida to […]

Short Takes – Three Gems For Summer

There has been a lot of good music cross my desk in the last couple of months, and I’ve finally internalized I’m not going to get to all of it.  Summer’s here, though, and it’s important to have some new music in your player.  So here are some short takes on albums I’m really enjoying, but […]

Say What?! Winter/Spring 2015 Edition, Part 2

One of my favorite things about seeing live shows (well, after the music) are the crazy comments that you hear along the way. Here are a few choice selections from Winter and Spring 2015. I went to a college called USC, otherwise known as University of Spoiled Children. I got a scholarship. Tracy Bonham This […]