The Sadies – Darker Circles

For Dark Circles (Yep Roc) the first studio album since 2007, The Sadies once again enlisted the help of Jayhawk co-leader Gary Louris to produce. And, they also employed their signature melange of tight, Bakersfield electrified country, psychedelia, and jamming surf rock. While the Toronto foursome, led by brother Dallas and Travis Good, has racked […] more »


Tumbledown into Punk Country


There are still many a music fan out there that doesnt quite get where the roads of punk and country or folk meet. For those that do “get it”, it isnt hard to draw a straight line that connects the spirits of Woody Guthrie and Joe Strummer. While the sonics of the two genres can […] more »


The .357 String Band – Lightning From The North

Musical fads are a double-edged sword…or are they a blessing and a curse? Either way, with each new “movement”, whether it be Texas/Red Dirt or Freak-Folk or whatever, we see an influx of artists that, thanks to the artists who initially drew the attention of the masses to a certain trendy style, get to bask […] more »


New Texas Tornados!

I can’t think of a better way to end this week than to help spread the news on a new release from none other than the Texas Tornados. You will be hard pressed to come up with a band that is more representative of what many consider to be true “Texas Music”. Esta Bueno (Bismeaux […] more »


The Texas Sapphires – As He Wanders

For a guy from Dallas, I will admit to feeling pretty lucky about the great music I have available to me throughout the Dallas, Ft. Worth and Denton area, no doubt. I will also admit that I sometimes get twinges of jealousy of the music lovers in my state’s capitol. Austin is obviously home to […] more »


Quiet Life – California Vacation

I came across a few tracks from Quiet Life (Myspace) a while back. I really enjoyed them and looked forward to hearing more sometime. Well, that time has come with the release of their newest EP, California Vacation. As with the last batch of songs I listened to, the tracks here are a fun and […] more »


Slipping Through the Cracks 2009 (Round Up and Downloads)

All these records came out this year and have been piling up on my digital nightstand.  They’re all good too.  Enjoy the downloads, graciously provided by the artists/labels involved. Zach Seibert & the Red Wagon An Americana dream of atmospheric folk and country inspired rock and roll, Learning to Drown is Zach Seibert’s first real […] more »


Grant Langston – Stand Up Man

These days, there seems to be a retro honky-tonk style act pop-up every 10 minutes. I regularly listen to acts that really want to be Dale Watson, or really wish that they were as rebelliously reckless as they try to be. I also get plenty of albums that showcase lyrics that are supposed to be […] more »


Mayer’s Playlist for June 2009

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Murdering Oscar (and Other Love Songs), by Patterson Hood Patterson Hood’s last solo release was a somber acoustic affair. This one ain’t. In fact, this collection of songs from Hood’s archives is not dissimilar from a Drive-By Truckers release. Sure, I miss Cooley’s guitar and the Truckers triple guitar interplay. But […] more »


The Von Ehrics – Loaded

The marriage of Punk-Rock and Country music has been a fruitful union for years now. The Von Ehrics of Dallas, TX are yet another unapologetic spawn of the DNA that has produced The Supersuckers and Hank III. Loaded (Crustacean Records), which is The Von Ehrics third release, relentlessly displays their willingness to rock. Where certain […] more »


The Whipsaws- 60 Watt Avenue

The Whipsaws are a bar band…. a glorious, alt. country ass kicking bar band. Just listen to the tossed off rock and roll of their sophomore effort, 60 Watt Avenue.  Though Neil Young is the easiest influence to infer as the band moves from Crazy Horse style rockers to Harvest-era ballads with ease, the Whipsaws […] more »


Celebrating Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & the Big Bopper


The rumors were fast and furious. Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and the Rolling Stones were mentioned. I even heard Ozzy Osbourne, although that may have been a town local toying with me. The occasion? 50 Winters Later, a special concert honoring the legacy of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. The […] more »


Mayer’s Playlist for October 2008, A Video Companion

October’s video companion kicks off with live performances from Joseph Arthur & the Lonely Astronauts and Matt Mays & El Torpedo, two of our featured artists. Then we settle into a nice groove with live performances from Dar Williams, Sometymes Why, Gretel, Dan Baird, Backyard Tire Fire, Brandi Carlile, Jesse Malin, Paul Weller and the […] more »


Twangville Cinema: Johnny Cash’s America

As a lover of music and also as a documentary geek, it doesn’t get any better for me than when I get my hands on a well done film that chronicles the artistic life of one of our greatest legends. I have enjoyed films that showcase up and comers, like Dig! for example (featuring Brian […] more »


Country with Muscle – John D. Hale Band & Back Porch Mary

I have been very clear (or not, probably not) in the past that I have grown weary of musical-genre labels that either fail to make much sense, or simply don’t really define much (“Red-Dirt” anyone??). Having said that, I have recently began espousing a labeling philosophy that I think suits me just fine. If the […] more »


Matthew Ryan benefit for John Anderson