Lost & Nameless, Cody Jasper

Empty Spaces, the latest EP from Lost & Nameless opens with a title track that is perhaps best described as an Americana tango.  So right from the get-go you know this is going to be an interesting listen.  The remainder of the record does not disappoint.  Lost & Nameless is an Austin-based group composed of […] more »


Josh Ritter’s Acoustic Magic

Josh Ritter Acoustic Trio @ The Somerville Theatre Somerville, MA: March 6, 2014 Joy. It’s just the first word that comes to mind when I think of this show, Josh Ritter’s face, the songs played, the energy between the 3 men on stage. Ritter has been touring for nearly 1 year straight since the release […] more »


Monday Morning Video – Mike Farris

What better way to start your week than listening to the soulful voice of Mike Farris. As the man says, “glory glory.” Here’s a bonus video from Farris, his take on the Bob Dylan classic “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.” more »


Eliza Gilkyson – The Nocturne Diaries

Gilkyson cover

When you question successful artists in almost any field, one of the common themes that emerges is a belief that what you resist the urge to add to a composition is every bit as important, if not more so, as what does end up in the final mix.  Eliza Gilkyson and her son, Cisco Ryder, […] more »


Monday Morning Video: Warren Zevon

Sometimes you just want to kick it old school. Here’s one of my favorite Warren Zevon songs, with the band tossing in a bit of Bruce Springsteen’s “Cadillac Ranch” for good measure. more »


Katie Glassman & Snapshot – Dream A Little Dream


When I first ran across Katie Glassman a couple of years ago (review here), I noted her album was exploring a lot of genres.  Her latest release, Dream A Little Dream, hit the streets earlier this week featuring her now-permanent band, Snapshot.  She’s taken a significant step forward as a recording artist with this project. […] more »


Mayer’s Playlist for Feb/Mar 2014, Part 1

I suppose that Lydia Loveless could have gone in two directions after 2011’s outstanding Indestructible Machine... more »


Levi Lowrey – Levi Lowrey

Lowrey cover

My favorite album of last year was Jason Isbell’s Southeastern.  It was an exploration of a man’s demons, some of them intense enough to sometimes weigh in on my decision whether to hit play or go for something a little lighter on the mind.  Levi Lowrey, with his second, self-titled, album, has also chosen to […] more »


Music With a Purpose — Matthew Ryan’s “An Anthem for the Broken”

Let me get straight to the point. Buy this song. Buy it not because it is a great song, although it is. Buy it because when you do, you’ll be supporting a fellow music fan and longtime friend of Twangville who is waging a fierce battle with ALS (otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Click […] more »


Monday Morning Video – Morphine “Cure for Pain”

This song randomly popped up over the weekend. It served as a great reminder of how extraordinary Morphine’s music was and how great a loss it was when Mark Sandman passed away in 1999. more »


Mass Ave – A Special Boston Playlist

FEATURED ALBUMS Good Luck, by Girls Guns and Glory Girls Guns and Glory have always been a fun live band, mixing up originals with choice covers ranging from Elvis Presley to Hank Williams. They’ve captured that energy – and then some – on their latest release. The Boston quartet traveled to Brooklyn to record the […] more »


Damien Jurado/Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

I once made my fiancé a mix CD of Damien Jurardo songs that she refused to listen to because of the songs of his I’d played for her before. She liked a lot of them, but stated they were “so sad.” A few months later I was having a discussion with her dad about Jason […] more »


Clay McClinton – Bitin’ At the Bit

McClinton cover

“I started out the night with good intentions, but ended up getting sideways drinking wine…”  Clay McClinton does a cover of his dad’s most famous song, Victim Of Life’s Circumstances, about halfway through his latest release, Bitin’ At the Bit.  It’s not only a welcome bit of deja vu, it also serves as a convenient […] more »


Monday Morning Video: Lydia Loveless

Twangville fave Lydia Loveless has a new album hitting the streets tomorrow and it’s a rocker. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on it shortly but, in the meantime, here’s Loveless and the crew performing an early favorite called “Wine Lips.” more »


Happy Valentine’s Day: Radio Sweetheart from Sarah Borges


Every once in awhile, there is an artist whose album is so anticipated by everyone in the Twangville Posse that a few of us pile on for a team review. Put Sarah Borges’ “Radio Sweetheart” into that category. SUZANNE’S TAKE There’s one word to describe Sarah Borges: BADASS. When I was growing up, I always […] more »


Matthew Ryan benefit for John Anderson