Tweed River Talk – A Few Words with Duncan Arsenault of the Curtis Mayflower

New England quintet The Curtis Mayflower are no strangers to the Tweed River Music Festival. They’re regulars, in fact, who never fail to awe the crowd with their intense live performances. If you haven’t heard it, seek out their 2014 full-length debut Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack for a taste of their soulful brand of […]

Tweed River Talk – A Few Words with Caitlin Canty

Today’s interview is with Vermont native and current Nashville resident Caitlin Canty. Her latest album, the exquisite Reckless Skyline, was released earlier this year. ON TWEED AND VERMONT This is your first time playing the Tweed River Music Festival. What, if any, expectations do you have for the experience? I’m looking forward to being part […]

Tweed River Talk – A Few Words with Joe Fletcher

Longtime Twangville fave Joe Fletcher makes a return visit to Tweed for this year’s festival. Although he now lives in Nashville, the former Providence, RI resident is a familiar – and welcome face – around New England. That applies to Twangville as well, where our posse selected Fletcher’s You’ve Got the Wrong Man as our […]

Monday Morning Video – Smith & Weeden’s “Sunshine”

There’s a certain irony in selecting this song as this week’s Monday Morning Video. The video grabbed my attention with it’s stunning harmonies and Seamus Weeden’s glorious guitar solo. I didn’t recognize the song from their album, though, so went back to check my notes. Sure enough, it’s there but it somehow failed to capture […]

Tweed River Talk – A Few Words with Bow Thayer

It is fitting that we launch our interview series with Bow Thayer, Vermont native and a co-founder of the Tweed River Music Festival. Thayer got his start in the Boston-based rock/reggae band 7 League Boots in the early 1990’s. He subsequently moved to Vermont and began an extended exploration of Americana and blues. Thayer’s most […]

Monday Morning Video – A Premiere from Ryan Montbleau

When Ryan Montbleau and his ace band entered the studio in 2013, they knew that their decade-long road warrior days were winding down. They channeled that energy, no doubt stretching from sorrow to euphoria, into Growing Light, his ninth release. Recorded in New Orleans with Galactic’s Ben Ellman, the album soaks up that city’s character […]