FY5 – Eat the Moon


An hour north of Denver in a bend of the St. Vrain river sits a beautiful amphitheater and campground, home to Rockygrass and the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, among other events.  The far bank of the river is a cliff of Colorado red rock that positively glows in the afternoon sun.  The river itself has […]

Shinyribs – Okra Candy

Shinyribs Okra Candy

On various patches of land continuously testing the boundaries of wet and dry in the sea level portions of southeast Texas, southwest Mississippi and southern Louisiana live a breed of men thriving on the margins of humanity.  For a 2 week stretch they manage to semi-control their impulses enough to be trusted by others of their […]

Mayer’s Picks – the Best of 2015 (So Far), the Albums

Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite releases from the first half of 2015. COMPLICATED GAME by JAMES MCMURTRY As he celebrates the release of his first album in six years, there’s a part of me that wishes that McMurtry was more prolific. Then I remember that it takes time to craft […]

Watkins Family Hour

watkins family

The Watkins Family Hour is a loose collective of artists assembled by Sara and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek. What started as a jam session among friends years ago has blossomed into a Country album that would make Lefty Frizell proud. Twelve years ago the Watkins gathered some friends together to Jam at Largo, a […]

Jason Isbell’s “Something More Than Free”

Every once in awhile, there is an artist whose album is so anticipated by the Twangville Posse that a number of us pile on for a team review. Put Jason Isbell’s “Something More Than Free” in that category. SHAWN’S TAKE Jason Isbell’s last album, Southeastern, was my favorite album on the year.  It was a […]

Victor Wainwright & the WildRoots – Boom Town

Victor Wainwright is relatively new on the national music scene, but his swampy honky tonk piano licks are having an impact in both his solo career and as a member of roots rock, blues and funk “supergroup” Southern Hospitality. Wainwright, who grew up in a musical family in Savannah, Georgia, moved to Daytona Beach, Florida to […]

Short Takes – Three Gems For Summer

There has been a lot of good music cross my desk in the last couple of months, and I’ve finally internalized I’m not going to get to all of it.  Summer’s here, though, and it’s important to have some new music in your player.  So here are some short takes on albums I’m really enjoying, but […]

Otis Taylor – Hey Joe Opus … Red Meat

Otis Taylor likes to experiment. As architect of a mesmerizing style of blues music christened “trance blues,” Taylor’s albums tend to have an atmospheric, dream-like quality. Taylor’s style might sometimes be described as Muddy Waters meets Shawn Phillips or Pink Floyd. Taylor’s career, like his musical style, has been unconventional. He was active in the […]