Tom Morello, The Fabled City

“The Fabled City” is Tom Morello’s second solo outing as the Nightwatchman. Though Morello admittedly performed a lot of these songs “amidst the tear gas attacks at the G8 protest,” there is, again, little common ground between this solo album and his work with Rage Against the Machine. Though in both projects Morello presents himself […]

Q&A with Richard Julian + a Giveaway

RICHARD JULIAN, Sunday Morning in Saturday’s Shoes (Manhattan) Official Site | MySpace | Samples (Amazon) | iTunes One album you might find under the radar this year comes from New York City’s Richard Julian, a singer-songwriter whom you may know from his recent work with close friend Norah Jones in a side project called The […]

William Bell, Stax and Soul

“(C)2008 Jelmer de Haas” July 19th – Waiting for William Bell at an Amsterdam hotel, I was sipping on some coffee while all the classic Soul hits played in the background. The records from Stax and Motown, that once shook the world, struck me as the perfect background to interview the man who was a […]

The Swingin’ Medallions

I first became familiar with the Swingin’ Medallions when I bought the Rhino Nuggets boxed set, a continuation of the infamous ’75 double LP with liner notes by Lenny Kaye, guitar player for the Patti Smith group. The box was filled with one-hit wonders and obscure R&R trail blazers I had never heard off. Though […]

Mark Wright, Takings Twists and Turns Through the Melting Pot

Some artists embody America’s rich music history in the strangest and most surprising ways. As a big Springsteen fan I first learned about Mark Wright when he announced a cover project of Springsteen songs. When I decided to investigate a little further I stumbled in one surprise after another. Aside from covering Springsteen, Mark Wright […]

A Few Words with Will Hoge, part 2

Photo by Jason Williamson

Economics 101 with Professor Hoge “It’s foolish to try to fight digital music,” exclaims Hoge, “it’s like horse carriages versus cars – quit trying to stop it!” Like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails among others, Hoge has been experimenting with music downloads as a means of exposing his music to new listeners. He wants people […]

A Few Words with Will Hoge, part 1

Photo by Chris La Putt

“Songwriting is a damn mystery,” says Will Hoge as we discuss “Draw the Curtain” his restrained yet compelling current release. It’s kind of like the Wizard of Oz, he continues, “you don’t want to know what is behind the curtain.” Although Hoge reunited with producer Ken Coomer, producer of 2006’s explosive The Man Who Killed […]

“For You” A Biography Of A Cult

Dave Marsh, the biographer of the Boss, has dubbed  Springsteen fans the cult. Springsteen fans habitually follow the guy around. Waiting in line at a show, waiting for the gates to open it is not uncommon to hear a cacophony of accents and languages. Some more than others. Natives from New Jersey and Italians tend to […]