Josh Ritter – An Interview

Josh Ritter is on tour again, this time stopping in small towns and quirky venues all over this great nation (and a few in Canada, if I’m not mistaken). If you are lucky enough to be attending one of these shows, I envy you, but I also encourage you to take a pen and paper, […] more »


Langerado 2008 – The Quotes

It’s taken me awhile to get to posting this stuff, but I came home with over 50 pages of notes, and it took some work to get them all into a legible state.  Here are the best and the brightest, the most memorable quotes of Langerado (at least the ones that I heard).  I’ll be […] more »


Langerado and Trampled By Turtles

Hi, kids. It’s been awhile, I’ve missed this! School + work = me not writing much. However, I have managed to wrangle a long weekend to attend that most hallowed of Florida music festivals, Langerado (no offense, Fest lovers). The likes of Josh Ritter, The Avett Brothers, G. Love, The Wood Brothers, Medeski Scofield Martin […] more »


9 Questions with Henry Rollins


Art by Mitch Clem You might know Henry Rollins for any number of reasons, whether you’re a Black Flag fan, an I.F.C. movie buff, an avid political reader or someone who’s crazy about watching stand-up comedy and spoken word. Seeing as I am all of the above, it’s understandable that I was interested in interviewing […] more »


Marc Broussard: An Interview

Now, needless to say, kids, Marc Broussard is “kind of a big deal around here”, to quote Ron Burgundy. The fact that he gave us an interview is quite possibly cause for doing a stupid little dance and acting rather silly. Marc is currently on tour promoting his new album, ‘Save Our Soul’, and this […] more »


JJ Grey & Mofro Poster – Free To Good Home


So here’s the deal, kiddies. I happen to have gotten my grubby little hands on two copies of the promo poster for the newest album from JJ Grey & Mofro, “Country Ghetto”. One went straight to my wall. The other, however, is currently homeless. I figured the best way to find a deserving person to […] more »


Luke Doucet – Broken (And Other Rogue States)

In this album, Doucet takes the listener on a ride through the waning emotions of a relationship and into the pain of ending it, recovering, and moving on. One critic said something along the lines of, “Doucet makes a broken heart and a bottle of whiskey sound new again.” Truer words could not have been […] more »


New Orleans Jazz Fest 2007 Lineup

Emails were set out on friday announcing the majority of the talent that will be appearing at 2007′s New Orleans Jazz Fest. The festival will take place on the weekends of April 27th and May 4th, and tickets are already available online. The talent list includes but is certainly not limited to: Norah Jones, John […] more »


Sarah’s Best Albums of 2006

Supply & Demand

I know this is a little late in coming, and I apologize (I’ve been having some computer problems as of late). However, because of said problems, all earlier drafts of this post are gone for good thanks to good ol’ Word. So instead of a thoughtful, potentially insightful and possibly witty post, you get this. […] more »


Sarah’s Best Tracks of 2006

Ways Not to Lose

I purposely titled this one ‘best tracks’ because some of these songs have been floating around for a couple of years or longer, but have been released in the past year as live tracks or, in one case, a compilation release.  While some people might argue that they should therefore be out of the running […] more »


Josh Ritter – In The Dark, Live At Vicar Street

I’ve learned all too well that the Holiday Shopping season has commenced.  Borders has been packed with people buying gifts left and right, and in that spirit, I wanted to make sure you all got the heads up on Josh Ritter’s new live CD/DVD combo, “In The Dark”.  It won’t be released until November 24th […] more »


Music City Florida

Indulge me, I beg of you. Music City Florida is a local Tampa radio show that bills itself as “the largest chunk of radio airtime dedicated to Florida music in the whole world.” Florida’s music scene has got plenty of bragging to do, and these guys are on top of it. All genres, signed and […] more »


Jamie Cullum & Josh Ritter live in Florida

Let me begin by saying that the talent on this tour is immense. Even the roadies play classical piano and jump in here and there when the band members are busy trading off on other instruments (it seems they all play at least 2 or 3 professionally). Add to that the fact that the frontmen, […] more »


Ben Kweller

I come bearing gifts! While, like Tom, I wasn’t able to track down a full-album stream of Ben Kweller’s new self-titled CD, I did manage to dig up a few tracks, and trust me when I say that they are outstanding. I’m not even going to try to tell you how enchanted I am, just […] more »


All’s Fair In G. Love & War

Man oh man, if there is one live show to see this month it’s G. Love. He played two nights in a row down here in lovely St. Petersburg, and I was lucky enough to catch the second night. I must admit, I was coming from work and missed the first song, but hearing “Can’t […] more »


Matthew Ryan benefit for John Anderson