Artists I’m Thankful For (A Fall Collection)

At this time of year, we all like to sit back, reflect, and look at what we are thankful for.  Most people around my neck of the woods cite family, freedom, friends, etc., and while I am very thankful for all of those, I’m also pretty thankful for a few musicians that seem to pop up in my playlists around this time of the year.  Perfect “Fall Music” if you will.  Here’s my shortlist: 

 Neil Young:  For the cool, rainy days, it doesn’t get much better than Harvest or Harvest Moon.  Throw in After The Goldrush and Tonight’s the Night and you can pretty much get through the season with Young along.  Even more recent efforts such as Prairie Wind and Le Noise can paint colors as pretty as the changing leaves.

 Greg Dulli:  I tend to associate the Twilight Singers with the Fall.  Play Blackberry Belle or She Loves You one night while downing a bottle of wine and argue with me.  That’s what I thought…

 Erik Bachman:  The frontman for the band Crooked Fingers’ dark, melancholy ballads are the perfect way to finish off an evening or for a dark drive through an unknown town.  Just keep the windows cracked a bit so you don’t drift off. 

 Margon Timmins:  Margo Timmins crooning for Coletrane?  Ye-haw Cowboy Junkies, sign me up.

 Dave Doughman:  AKA Swearing At Motorists, Doughman’s tunes often provide the perfect soundtrack for a crisp Fall breeze. The More Songs From the Mellow Struggle and Number Seven Uptown albums hold fine examples.

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