Up & Comers – Honey Child

Honey Child may be currently unsigned, but that will not be the case for long. Their sound is definitely Indie Rock, but their music is mostly up tempo and very accessible. They mix the electric instruments of a Rock band with mandolin, banjo and acoustic guitars. The instrumentation produces an Alternative sound with Americana undertones. The songs have melodies and hooks that grab you.

Their debut record, Nearer the Earth,  is enjoyable from the first listen. In an era where many independent bands feel that they need to be conceptual to be unique, Honey Child builds there identity with both innovation and a refreshing familiarity. They are inviting a wide audience, without sacrificing artistic integrity. The indie rock snobs are just going to have to accept the fact that a bigger crowd is showing up for this party.

To that end, they are giving an open invitation, in the form of a free digital copy of the album on their Website. Climb on board the bandwagon, because it may fill up soon.


About the author:  Chip and his family live in Charlotte, NC. You can also find him at http://amberwavesoftwang.blogspot.com/ Roll Tide!

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