Readers’ Pick: Acousticueticals by Plain & Simple

Plain & Simple, Acousticueticals

Twangville readers picked fan write-in Acousticueticals by Plain & Simple as their favorite release for week of August 11, 2009. Plain & Simple is the work of B.J. Purnell a middle-America father of five who appears to live up to the “plain and simple” moniker. The album contains 11 original songs written by Purnell accompanied by his acoustic guitar. A propensity for unapologetic use of phonetic spellings with song titles like “Synacl” and the play-on-words title “Inasense” adds to the honesty prevalent in the songwriting. Among other songs, “The Pig Song” highlights a keen sense of humor with lines like: “She’s mounting my pig again / Lord something must be wrong / The way she keeps screaming Jimmy Dean / All night long”. Purnell is at his best with the reserved intensity he exhibits in “Finish Line”. RIYL Jay Farrar, Ben Nichols, Todd Snider, Chris Knight. Also check out Jeff’s review of Acousticueticals. Listen or purchase Acousticueticals on the Plain & Simple website.

About the author:  Washington, D.C. area web designer by day. Music freak by night. I host Twangville‘s weekly Readers‘ Pick.

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