Mayer’s Picks: Best of Boston 2012

It’s been a great year of music in Boston. I’ve been fortunate to see lots of great local favorites live, from Todd Thibaud to Old Jack to Dennis Brennan to the Rationales. It was also a great year for new Boston music, as evidenced by the fine, fine releases below.

  • SESSION AMERICANA, Love and Dirt

    The latest release from Boston’s premiere Americana collective captures some of the free-wheeling fun of their live shows. The songwriting, contributed by various band members, is as strong as ever. It’s an embarrassment of riches.

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  • TIM GEARAN, Riverboat

    Gearan takes us on a musical tour down the Mississippi River system, from Chicago down through New Orleans. Along the way, Gearan demonstrates his guitar and vocal prowess while generating enough rock and roll grooves to make for one hell of a party.

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    It has been an incredible ten years since McNeill’s last release. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely! McNeill, backed by an incredibly talented group of Boston musicians, serves up a potent blend of rock and soul.

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  • THE BEAN PICKERS UNION, Better the Devil

    Songwriter Chuck Melchin excels at painting musical portraits, as rich with imagery as they are in instrumentation.

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  • HIGHWAY GHOSTS, Beyond All Help

    The Highway Ghosts latest release has a comfortable feel to it, filled with songs that are warm and engaging. It’s the musical equivalent of that well-worn and much loved shirt that you pull from the closet when you go to your favorite music club.

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  • DAVID WAX MUSEUM, Knock Knock Get Up

    David Wax and Suz Slezak side-step the sophmore slump with their latest release. They lean a bit more towards the pop end of the spectrum yet still retain their distinctive Mexican and Appalachian folk sound.

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