Monday Morning Video: Kasey Anderson

The VH-1 series “Behind the Music” has long chronicled tales of musical excess and success. Yet, for many musicians, the real story is far less glamorous for many musicians. Music is both an art and a business, and the latter can be daunting.

Kasey Anderson knows the story well. For more than five years he has fought the good fight as a self-supported musician building a career. It takes its toll. Anderson has just written a blog about his need to take a break. It’s a shame, really, both for Kasey and for the many musicians in a similar state. (See Matthew Ryan’s poignant reflection on Kasey’s decision here.)

Although I certainly hope that Kasey’s hiatus is a short one, I take solace in the face that he is leaving us with a mighty fine new album, which you can order here.

Here are two videos of Kasey in action. The first video finds Kasey & the Honkies, joined by Star Anna, performing “All the Good You Lose” in Seattle earlier this year. The track is one of many stand-outs from the latest release.

The second video is from a small Boston club show that took place this past summer, with Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford joining Kasey & the Honkies for a searing take on Bob Dylan’s “Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat.”

About the author:  Mild-mannered corporate executive by day, excitable Twangville denizen by night.

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